On June 28, Rector of the Antalya Academy of Tourism, Zafer Bikkenoglu, at the invitation of local authorities and founders attended the opening of the new campus of the ‘Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac’ business school, located in France in Savignac, close to Perigueux – the cultural capital of the Dordogne district, after Paris being the most visited place in France by tourists from all over the world, famous for its medieval castles, museums, cathedrals under protection of UNESCO.

The founder of the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ international business school is the Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which finances the institution from the local budget and administers it involving private individuals. This is an example of partnership between government and business in the field of education.

The business school was founded in June 1989. By the 30th anniversary, students and the leadership of the educational institution received as a gift a new campus, located in a restored historical building.

The state is actively developing a training system in the sphere of tourism and provides all kinds of support to educational institutions in this area. At the Bachelor’s degree level, the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ school trains specialists in the field of hospitality management, catering, events, leisure, and management services. Students study according to MBA programs in French and English and receive European diplomas. Graduates work for leading French, European and global companies.

The opening ceremony of the new campus was attended by top officials of the cities of Savignac and Perigueux and of the Dordogne department, graduates of previous years who became very successful in the chosen business: they received a master’s degree, completed postgraduate studies, got their PhD. After the opening of the new campus, diplomas were awarded to five hundred graduates of 2019. İn a warm atmosphere they expressed gratitude to their alma mater for the knowledge acquired.

A cooperation project was signed between the Tourism Academy and ‘Ecole de Savignac’At at a business meeting between the Rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya Zafer Bikkenoglu and the management of the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ international school in Savignac. In future, students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya will be able to study at the Academy and the business school under the double diploma program, as well as travel to France for an internship.

France offers an excellent system of higher education not only for its citizens, but also for foreigners. The ‘Ecole de Savignac’ business school is actively attracting international students and anyone interested in attending international courses. The school has partners in Sinegal and other countries. Students from educational institutions of these countries arrive to ‘Ecole de Savignac’ and attend lectures during one semester. The perspective of such work is being discussed with the Academy of Tourism in Antalya.

During celebration Mr. Zafer Bikkenoglu was given the floor for greetings and congratulations. The Rector of the Academy of Tourism wished good luck, prosperity, new discoveries to the management and students of the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ business school, and also presented a gift to the founder and director of the school on the occasion of the opening of the new building and in memory of the Academy.