General information about curriculum

General information about curriculum

The Academy’s curriculum is based on teaching students theoretical knowledge and practical skills according to the world standards in the area of hospitality and tourism. Alumni get diplomas recognized in European Union, USA, Turkey, CIS and other countries.

Practical training in best Mediterranean hotels and restaurants allow students not only become true specialists but also set contacts with future employers.

High quality education received in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya will be an important stage of your successful career.

The Academy of Tourism has been licensed by the Ministry of Education of Turkey and accredited by American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (EI-AH & LA). The education system is based on EI-AHLA, and combines the best traditions and vast experience in this area of international education. Specific attention is paid to foreign languages studies. Undergraduate (Bachelor’s) program is based on the one of University of Applied Sciences.

Academy of Tourism in Antalya has got well developed physical facilities. All classrooms are equipped with computers and interactive boards which guarantees high quality education provided to students coming from various countries of the world to Antalya.


  • Hotel Management
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • Economy
  • Event Management
  • PR & Marketing

Education is done by module system. Module education means not only participation in lectures and seminars, but also practical training in hotels during all education course. Education in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya is a great chance to become a highly qualified and demanded professional at HR market.