The VATEL network includes 50 hospitality management schools located in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Their mission is preparing the young generation for building a professional future in the international hospitality and tourism management industry.

The network of VATEL schools, covering four continents, according to professionals, is rightfully considered the world’s first group of business schools for hotel and tourist management.

On August 19, 2019, the regional director of the VATEL International Hotel and Tourism Management School for Turkey and Cyprus Ali Dogan Chakmak visited the Tourism Academy in Antalya.

During a meeting with the Academy rector Mr Zafer Bikkenoglu, issues of cooperation were discussed. In particular, the project of opening a branch of the VATEL school on the basis of the Academy of Tourism. The parties discussed various options and schemes of partnership.

Cooperation with the international network of VATEL schools will open up great prospects for students of the Academy of Tourism. These include the possibility of studying in Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles, Brussels, Switzerland and Singapore, obtaining a bachelor’s degree based on VATEL schools, as well as completing internships with subsequent employment in the best hotels in the world.