On September 5, the governor of Antalya province, Munir Karaloglu, met with the rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, Zafer Bikkenoglu, in the governorate of Antalya. The meeting participants discussed  key activity directions and prospects for the development of the Academy of Tourism in the 2020–2021 academic year.

Educational tourism development

Zafer Bikkenoglu sees first priority in the development of educational tourism at the Academy in Antalya. The university has developed and successfully implemented unique educational projects for schoolchildren, students and teachers.

The rector noted that the activity of educational tourism is leading for the Academy. Since 2009, students from different countries received education at the academy. Today, most students are representatives of Russia, Turkey and the CIS countries, including students from Africa, Asia (particularly Pakistan, India, Iran). The university is conducting work aimed at expanding the geography of students and the teaching staff of the university.

The governor welcomed the Academy’s endeavours in this direction and noted that he was ready to support the initiatives of the rector Zafer Bikkenoglu.

Summer camp for children

During the conversation with the governor, the rector of the Academy mentioned successfully implemented project – the Olympus summer camp for children. Over the last few years from June to September, it has been collecting the multinational composition of students at the Academy’s modern campus site. The camp program is very intense: children participate in creative contests, play sports, learn the basics of tourism and go camping, learn English and Turkish, swim, get acquainted with the sights of the Antalya coast and make new friends.

The geography of the participants of this project is expanding every year, and in 2020 the Academy is getting ready to host a group of children from Germany.

Refresher training for teachers

Zafer Bikkenoglu introduced Governor Munir Karaloglu another direction in the field of educational tourism – refresher training courses for university and college teachers organized by the Academy of Tourism. This practice was introduced recently – in 2018, but has already proved itself well. During the courses, teachers acquire new theoretical and practical knowledge, share experience with colleagues from different countries and spend great time on the Mediterranean coast.

International Knowledge Olympiad in Antalya

Holding the 11th International Olympiad of Knowledge in Antalya, which has been taking place for 10 years during the school autumn holidays at the Academy of Tourism, was an important topic of the meeting. The uniqueness of this event is that schoolchildren and students from Russia, Turkey and the CIS countries have the opportunity to test their knowledge in 11 subjects at once, as well as make new friends and have fun on the Mediterranean coast.

The governor expressed confidence that this year the composition of the Olympiad will be expanded by Turkish schoolchildren, as in 2019 Turkey switched to a new training regime: two academic semesters replaced the quarters, and the holidays of Turkish schoolchildren now coincide with the Russian ones.

According to the rector of the Academy of Tourism, at least 800 people are expected to attend the event this year. The Governor of Antalya announced the initiative for the participation of the guests of the Olympiad in the march held on October 29 in Antalya and dedicated to the national holiday of Turkey – Republic Day.

Expanding the scope of cooperation

The governor offered Zafer Bikkenoglu the idea of ​​cooperation between the Academy of Tourism and one of the leading universities in Antalya – Bilim University, since the latter has many years of experience in teaching students from different countries, and the faculty members of this university include tutors from 19 countries.

During the meeting, the governor of Antalya telephoned the rector of the University of Bilim, Professor Ismail Yuksek and outlined a proposal for cooperation between universities. In future, the leaders of the Academy of Tourism and Bilim University will hold a business meeting where they will be able to discuss international projects in detail.

At the end of the meeting, Rector Zafer Bikkenoglu thanked the Governor of Antalya for his interest in the educational projects of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya and the support provided in their implementation.

On April 27, graduation party was held at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya. The theme of the party was the main Oscar awards ceremony “Best Student of the Year 2019”. Preparations began long before graduation – decorating the assembly hall, rehearsing, preparing gifts and surprises. Before the prom began, all students wearing graduation gowns gathered near the main entrance for a memorable photo. Students chanted “Hurray!”, throwing caps in the air and enjoying one of the most important events in life.

Rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, Zafer Bikkenoglu congratulated the students and wished them good luck in adulthood.

But the most important thing ahead of them was the awarding ceremony of the Oscars:

– Baratova Maftuna won in the nomination “High academic achievements”

– Mustafayev Rasul won in the nomination “Sports Achievements”

– Stanislav Lublin won in the nomination “Best in his profession”

– Kervovenova Leah won in the nomination “Active participation in events”

All nominees were awarded with diplomas in each nomination.

At the end of the prom, a festive tea party was organized for students.

Student life, one of the most exciting periods in life, came to an end. Yes, at times it was very difficult and challenging, but it was worth it. It was worth cheerful meetings with new friends, unforgettable impressions, fun and tears of chagrin!

Good luck to all graduates in the outside world!

The VATEL network includes 50 hospitality management schools located in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Their mission is preparing the young generation for building a professional future in the international hospitality and tourism management industry.

The network of VATEL schools, covering four continents, according to professionals, is rightfully considered the world’s first group of business schools for hotel and tourist management.

On August 19, 2019, the regional director of the VATEL International Hotel and Tourism Management School for Turkey and Cyprus Ali Dogan Chakmak visited the Tourism Academy in Antalya.

During a meeting with the Academy rector Mr Zafer Bikkenoglu, issues of cooperation were discussed. In particular, the project of opening a branch of the VATEL school on the basis of the Academy of Tourism. The parties discussed various options and schemes of partnership.

Cooperation with the international network of VATEL schools will open up great prospects for students of the Academy of Tourism. These include the possibility of studying in Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles, Brussels, Switzerland and Singapore, obtaining a bachelor’s degree based on VATEL schools, as well as completing internships with subsequent employment in the best hotels in the world.

From 8 to 10 August, Antalya Academy of Tourism, represented by the Academy Rector Mr Zafer Bikkenoglu, took part in the large-scale International Tourism Forum and exhibition “Tajikistan-2019”, held in the capital of Tajikistan, Dushanbe, with the aim of developing the tourism potential of the republic. The guests of the meeting were members of the Government and Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan, heads of ministries and departments, representatives of world tourism organizations and agencies, leading scientists and experts in the field of tourism from 25 countries of the world – more than 400 people in total.

On August 9, at the official opening of the forum, distinguished guests addressed with greetings to those present: Peter Yanech – Head of the Department of Europe of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Cassandra Colbert – Regional Manager for Central Asia of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Xie Xiaoyong – Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Habibullo Mirzozoda – Executive Director of the Secretariat of the Meeting on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (СICA), Rector of the Academy of tourism in Antalya Zafer Bikkenoglu. In his speech, the latter outlined the possibilities of the tourism sector in Turkey, the training and internship system of the Academy of Tourism, as well as the prospects for cooperation between the Academy of Tourism and the Committee on Tourism Development of Tajikistan. Mr. Zafer Bikkenoglu proposed the Academy as a platform for the exchange of experience in the sphere of tourism and services between Tajikistan and Turkey. The Academy is also ready to commit itself to the training of qualified personnel in the hospitality sector of Tajikistan, using the opportunities of online training.


As a result of the forum, a bilateral memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Academy of Tourism in Antalya and the Committee for Tourism Development of Tajikistan, which outlines the main areas of work: providing courses and trainings on the basis of the Academy for teaching hotel and restaurant staff, assistance in attracting investment in tourism in Tajikistan, professional training and much more.

As part of the eventful program of the forum, participants visited the best tourist attractions of the country. The rector of the Academy visited the picturesque Varzob valley, as well as  health resort in the mountains with mineral and thermal waters and radon springs.

Mr. Zafer Bikkenoglu expressed his gratitude to the Turkish Embassy in Tajikistan, whose diplomats encouraged Academy participation in this prestigious event and provided all possible assistance and support, following the strategy of the Turkish government to support business and strengthen friendly relations between the countries.

The forum ended with a gala dinner with the participation of the Presidential Orchestra and popular artists of Tajikistan, with words of gratitude addressed to the Government of the country for the excellent organization, cordial welcome, friendly atmosphere and effective results of the meeting.

On June 28, Rector of the Antalya Academy of Tourism, Zafer Bikkenoglu, at the invitation of local authorities and founders attended the opening of the new campus of the ‘Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Savignac’ business school, located in France in Savignac, close to Perigueux – the cultural capital of the Dordogne district, after Paris being the most visited place in France by tourists from all over the world, famous for its medieval castles, museums, cathedrals under protection of UNESCO.

The founder of the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ international business school is the Dordogne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which finances the institution from the local budget and administers it involving private individuals. This is an example of partnership between government and business in the field of education.

The business school was founded in June 1989. By the 30th anniversary, students and the leadership of the educational institution received as a gift a new campus, located in a restored historical building.

The state is actively developing a training system in the sphere of tourism and provides all kinds of support to educational institutions in this area. At the Bachelor’s degree level, the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ school trains specialists in the field of hospitality management, catering, events, leisure, and management services. Students study according to MBA programs in French and English and receive European diplomas. Graduates work for leading French, European and global companies.

The opening ceremony of the new campus was attended by top officials of the cities of Savignac and Perigueux and of the Dordogne department, graduates of previous years who became very successful in the chosen business: they received a master’s degree, completed postgraduate studies, got their PhD. After the opening of the new campus, diplomas were awarded to five hundred graduates of 2019. İn a warm atmosphere they expressed gratitude to their alma mater for the knowledge acquired.

A cooperation project was signed between the Tourism Academy and ‘Ecole de Savignac’At at a business meeting between the Rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya Zafer Bikkenoglu and the management of the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ international school in Savignac. In future, students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya will be able to study at the Academy and the business school under the double diploma program, as well as travel to France for an internship.

France offers an excellent system of higher education not only for its citizens, but also for foreigners. The ‘Ecole de Savignac’ business school is actively attracting international students and anyone interested in attending international courses. The school has partners in Sinegal and other countries. Students from educational institutions of these countries arrive to ‘Ecole de Savignac’ and attend lectures during one semester. The perspective of such work is being discussed with the Academy of Tourism in Antalya.

During celebration Mr. Zafer Bikkenoglu was given the floor for greetings and congratulations. The Rector of the Academy of Tourism wished good luck, prosperity, new discoveries to the management and students of the ‘Ecole de Savignac’ business school, and also presented a gift to the founder and director of the school on the occasion of the opening of the new building and in memory of the Academy.

In March 2019, more than 400 people took part in a large-scale  “Grant for Free Education” contest held by the International Academy of Tourism in Antalya in the East Kazakhstan region.

On 13th-14th of June Antalya Tourism Academy attended the HOSCO Summit.

The HOSCO Summit means more than 150 hospitality professionals: more than 60 schools and 50 tourism companies from 22 countries. The Summit promotes building solid relations with HR experts and leading schools from around the world, raising the most relevant issues that really matter in the hospitality right now.

The summit participants could boost their ROI thanks to the one-on-ones with decision-makers from +60 international schools, enhance relationships with schools, expand the network, and discuss new and exciting placements opportunities for hospitality schools graduates.

Participants listened to first-class hospitality keynote speakers, took part in exciting debates, and attended fascinating conferences. The Academy of Tourism in Antalya built relationships with new hotels regarding graduates placement, as well as found new partner schools to cooperate in teachers and students exchange, research and other fields.

We are summing up the results of the video presentations contest “LIVE BRIGHT” of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya.

It had been a determined struggle: more than a dozen videos and more than 20,000 views. Some contestants noticeably pulled ahead in terms of audience choice, and the competition committee certainly could not but take into account their choice.

Now, Igor Belyavsky from Belarus is declared the winner of the LIVE BRIGHT contest and the holder of a Grant for free education at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya.

Throughout the competition, his video was one of the leaders in viewing, Igor in a vivid manner demonstrated his desire to study at the Academy, showed fluency in several languages. An additional advantage for the commettee was the fact that Igor participated in the “I want to go to the Academy” contest last year and was also one of the main contenders for the victory.

The management of the Antalya Academy of Tourism also wanted to commend a few more participants and reward them with a 50% discount on tuition.

These are Russa Emilina, Firuza Yunusova, Dadaev Maxim and Zhangazinova Zhaslin.

The remaining participants receive a tuition discount in the amount of 30%.

Congratulations to the winner, winners and participants!

Thank you very much for participating in the contest and follow our news, there is a ton of great events planned!

For admission and getting a tuition discount in the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, please contact:

e-mail: info@antcol.ru

WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber: +90 (533) 335 60 45

On August 24, 2019, a meeting between Rector Mr Zafer Bikkenoglu and Mr Khem R. Lakai, founder of the Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality Education of Nepal (GATE), took place at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya.

The Global Academy of Tourism and Hospitality (GATE) is one of Nepal’s leading hospitality colleges. Located in Mandikhatar, Kathmandu, it is the first college in Asia to provide a Swiss degree.

GATE’s academic program is articulated and accredited by the HotellerieSuisse, (SHA), based on a Swiss study model and Swiss applied education concepts. The educational standards are crafted by University of Zurich which corresponds to European Qualification Framework (EQF): Level 6.

During the meeting, various issues of cooperation were considered, including a double diploma program, internships for students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya in Europe and Australia, since with these countries the GATE Academy has close ties and long-term cooperation.

Mr Khem R. Lakai invited Mr Zafer Bikkenoglu to the 58th EUHOFA Congress, which will be held in Nepal in November 2019. GATE Academy will host the congress. EUHOFA International is a non-profit association of directors of hotel schools, as well as deans of hospitality colleges and universities, which organize such events with the aim of exchanging experiences and improving the quality of education in the field of tourism and hospitality.

The rector of the Antalya Academy of Tourism and the representative of the international department attended the ‘East Meets West in Hospitality and Tourism education’ Global Conference on tourism and hospitality, which was held concurrently with the 2019 APacCHRIE & EuroCHRIE conference at the ICON Hotel in Hong Kong. The conference serves as a unique excellent platform for scientists, industry leaders, magazine editors, young scientists and researchers to define a future roadmap for the global hospitality and tourism industry and demonstrates the concept of “East meets the West” in hospitality and tourism education, where ideas shape the future of hospitality and tourism industries.


Representatives of the Academy signed an agreement with the HOSCO Internet portal, which provides students and graduates of high schools with internships and employment in the best hotels around the world. They also established new partnerships with education leaders in the field of tourism and hospitality in Europe, America and Asia.