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Academy of Tourism in Antalya announced results of the contest AcademyVision

First days of autumn and even the beginning of the school year could not stop the most talented children to express themselves in a musical contest AcademyVision organized by Antalya Academy of Tourism. The winner gets scholarship at one of the best Institutions in the world.

The competition was held from August 1 to September 15. Everyone could take part in the competition and the only condition was to sing a song and include in the text the phrase "Academy of Tourism." Organizers received a large number of excellent works, you can find some of them at our official Youtube channel… Participants were not only singing but also made the whole video clip and were using all styles of music like Pop, Rap, Rock.

The competition jury which included representatives of the administration of the Antalya Academy of Tourism, the administration of the Boarding Russian School in Antalya, the management of the International Education Center Eduant and chairman of the jury - the rector of the Academy of Tourism Zafer Bikkenoglu who made the final decision. As a result of the voting the third place goes to Vladimirova Diana and she will receive professional wireless microphone. Let us note that this year, Diana has become a student of the Academy of Tourism. The second place and 50% scholarship at the Antalya Academy of Tourism goes to Anastasia Albahtova from Samara! Congratulations Nastya, we will be glad to see you among our students.

And finally, the first place and full scholarhips at the Antalya Academy of Tourism goes to Abdulhalilovu Rashad from Azerbaijan, Baku! Rashid, now you have a unique opportunity to become a highly qualified specialist in the field of tourism, to learn three foreign languages, get three diplomas and three specialties have an internship in one of the best hotels in Antalya and find a job in any country of the world!

We are thankful to all participants and would like to say that in spite of the results each of you have already took the first step towards your future. Your purpose is sure will be rewarded. Believe in yourself, show your abilities and strive for the best. And the Antalya Academy of Tourism will always be glad to see you among their students.

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