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October 29, 2018 in the city of Antalya (Republic of Turkey), in the five-star hotel “Kilikya palace”, the anniversary X International Olympiad for schoolchildren and students started, that traditionally organized by the Academy of Tourism and the International Russian School in Antalya (Eduant Corporation) together in 2008 with the city hall of Antalya and with the support of sponsors and leading media of Turkey, Russia, and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The ancient Greek gods, led by Zeus, descended from Olympus to congratulate the team from Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries on the opening of the Olympics. The Consuls of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, representatives of the mayoralty of Antalya addressed the participants and guests with farewell to the participants. The Olympians, in turn, swore an oath with the promise to compete fairly. The honorable right to light the Olympic flame, symbolizing the desire for knowledge and friendship, was granted to the founder of the Eduant Corporation, Zafer Bikenoglu. The opening ceremony ended with a grandiose festive salute.

The Olympiad in Antalya is of particular importance: it is here that participants can touch the origins of the Olympic movement. The name of the game comes from Mount Olympus, a crepe near the village of Chirola, 30 kilometers from Antalya, and gave the world the first Olympic fire in distant ancient Greece.

This year, about 600 people from 48 teams became guests of the Olympics. For 10 years, this is a record figure: team leaders point out that they were striving to get to the Olympics in the anniversary year, when the program of events promised to be particularly rich and interesting.

The expectations of the guests were fully justified: for seven days, the guys participated in the celebration of knowledge, talent and friendship. The organizing committee made every effort so that the jubilee Olympiad became a bright memorable event: along with intellectual tests in mathematics, Russian, English, Turkish, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, and visual arts, team competitions took place in a practical geography tour of nature, tournaments in football, chess, darts, creative contests "Startiager", "Minute of Glory", "Miss Olympiad" and "Mr. Olympiad", flash mobs, sightseeing trips and much more.

On November 3, at the awards ceremony, which lasted more than two hours, more than 400 awards of gold, silver and bronze dignity were presented in both individual and team standings in intellectual disciplines and creative competitions.

The winner in the team competition of the Olympiad was the team of the Municipal budget non-standard educational institution "City Classic Lyceum" from the city of Kemerovo (Russian Federation), which participates in the Olympics for the ninth time. The children had the opportunity to rest next summer in the International Campus "Olympus" at the Academy. Ionova Maria, a student in grade 10 of the same institution, became the winner in the individual competition and won the right to free tuition at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya.

At the closing ceremony, team leaders were also noted, who, in turn, thanked the organizing committee of the Olympiad for the high level of events, noted the uniqueness of this educational project: large-scale geography of participants, multi-disciplinary intellectual tests, creative and sports orientation. Visiting many Olympiads and competitions in different countries and being able to compare, the leaders said with confidence that there are no analogues to the International Olympiad for schoolchildren and students in Antalya, so they bring their children to the Olympics in Antalya for several years in a row.

Rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya Zafer Bikenoglu, closing the X International Olympiad for schoolchildren and students in Antalya, thanked all the participants, teachers, team leaders and expressed hope for a meeting next year, at the XI Olympiad.


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