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On November 28, 2018 in the city of Antalya (Republic of Turkey) Zafer Bikenoglu, the rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, and a group of education management specialists, directors of vocational schools from East Kazakhstan region in the framework of advanced training courses at the Academy of Tourism in Antalya to exchange experience in the field of vocational education attended a meeting with the head of the education department of the Antalya region, Mr. Yuksel Arslan, initiated and organized by the head of the department mation Konyaalti Yakub Hoplar.

At the beginning of the conversation, the parties exchanged greetings, expressing hope for mutually beneficial outcomes of the meeting.

Mr. Yuksel Arslan, meeting the guests, showed cordiality and hospitality: he asked each member of the delegation to tell about himself and about the profile of the institution he represents.

The head of the education department of the Antalya region noted that, starting in 2005, after the signing of international treaties with Europe, European principles, approaches and methods of teaching have been actively introduced into the Turkish education system.

The Department of Education of the Antalya region, studying the experience of other countries on issues related to the education and upbringing of schoolchildren and students, actively establishes international relations: only this year, delegations from England, Germany, France came to Antalya. Soon the trip of specialists from the Antalya Education Department to Spain is planned.

Representatives of the delegation from Kazakhstan were interested primarily in the system of vocational education in Turkey: how the state order for personnel is formed, how the state supports and finances vocational colleges, whether business is involved, whether there is a graduates employment system, how the procedure for selecting the director of a vocational school and much more.

Mr. Yuksel Arslan, answering in detail all the questions, said that 31 thousand teachers work in the province of Antalya, who train 450 thousand students. The guests were impressed by an interesting example: in Turkey, on the basis of some professional lyceums, a small factory or factory is being created, the products of which are sold, the students receive a salary, and the educational institution - a profit. Last year, income from such industries amounted to 2.5 million euros.

The head of the department, in turn, was surprised by the transparency and democratic nature of the procedure for selecting the director of a vocational school in Kazakhstan: everyone is participating in the election, the media are invited, and the events are recorded on video.

At the end of the meeting, the representatives of the parties thanked each other for a meaningful conversation, during which they were able to learn many new, interesting and useful things about the vocational education system of the other side. Representatives of the delegation from Kazakhstan remembered the souvenir to Mr. Yuksel Arslan and invited him to the celebration of the centenary of one of the professional colleges. And he, in turn, presented the things that were made by the hands of students of the professional lyceums of Antalya.

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