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December 14, in the assembly hall of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, one of the traditional, the brightest, most ambitious and spectacular celebrations took place - an evening of friendship of all nations.

Since the very first days of its existence, the International Russian School in Antalya and the Academy of Tourism have become a place that united people of different nationalities, speaking different languages, professing different religions, and distinguished by the originality of cultures and mentalities. Here, under the bright sun of hospitable Antalya, schoolchildren and students are introduced to the history, folklore, and traditions of other countries. In a multicultural space, children form confidence in the uniqueness and uniqueness of each person, regardless of national, religious or political beliefs.

At the festival, with the help of adults, with great love, excitement and trepidation, the children talked about their homeland. The young artists  was supported by Rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya Zafer Bikenoglu, the Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan, teachers, parents and guests.

Each performance was unique in its own way. All countries were welcomed by the audience with a storm of applause.

Russia is, of course, a very popular, fascinating “Kalinka-Malinka”, which was sung by Sergeeva Milena. And there were Russian folk dance, dumplings and pancakes - where could it be without them? 

Sisters Fariza  and Feyruz (Academy of Tourism), Iskandarov, who gracefully performed Uygur dance in national costumes and treated Uygur dish - Lagman, helped the guests to touch the unique Uygur culture.

Lena Pudryk , representing Ukraine, sang the song “A viburnum not a willow” in her native language, and all Ukrainians present in the hall took the stage and, waving the flags of Ukraine, defiantly danced to a cheerful tune. Guests were offered the famous Ukrainian dumplings.

Anastasia Vlasova, a student at the Academy of Tourism, talking about Belarus, read a poem in the Belarusian language. Nastya baked for all the delicious potato pancakes.

Dmitry Novikov, a student from the Academy who came from Turkmenistan, appeared on the stage in a colorful national costume. The song "Karakum" under his guitar accompaniment sang throughout the hall. The ancient majestic country with the ancient minarets did not become very close and understandable.

The guys from Kazakhstan prepared the most massive performance. In Turkey, they were able to find a piece of the Motherland - the ancient national female adornment - and showed it to the audience. And then, against the background of the flags of Kazakhstan, there was a fascinating dance and song performed by young men and women in national costumes. Jumanazarov Asanali from Grade 8 presented beshbarmak and baursak from his country.

The culmination of the holiday was the performance of a team of students from Uzbekistan. Magnificent Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent captured the spectators, forced them to stand up and dance with them. The fragrant pilaf prepared according to the best Uzbek recipes did not leave anyone indifferent.

Representatives of all countries gathered on the stage and, holding high the flags of their states, embracing, were singing along with all together.

The rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, Zafer Bikenoglu, at the end of the evening noted that the good, sincere atmosphere of the evening once again shows that education is out of politics, and friendship can overcome all conventions and  borders.

After the celebration, students were invited to the restaurant of the Academy of Tourism for tasting national dishes, after which was а dance party! 

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