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In order to support the most talented and motivated applicants Antalya Academy of Tourism decided to award scholarships for 2017-2018 intakes  

Specialization in «Hotel Management» and «Food and Beverage Management»*

Competition is held among secondary and high-school graduates as well as for applicants with completed secondary education.

2017-2018 intake scholarships are available for the following regions: Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaidzhan and Ukraine. Applicants from other countries willing to participate in the competition should submit an application for the Admission Committee consideration.

Scholarship Competition Terms and Conditions:

In order to participate in the competition applicants must do the following:

  1. Visit Antalya Academy of Tourism website and sign up for the competition.
  2. Submit the following documents to the Admission Committee:
  • Application form  (download)
  • Questionnaire (download)
  • Graduate School Reference   
  • Certificate of Education ( diploma if applicable) or school transcript
  • Copy of Passport
  • Photo 3*4 sm (electronic version)

Documents must be sent to the Admission Committee by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

     3.  Complete 3 rounds of competition by accomplishing the assignments individually sent to each applicants.

Registration form

Participate / Ask a question

Rounds description:

1 round – answering quiz questions on tourism, hospitality and history of Turkey.

2 round – paper writing

3 round – high school diplomas ranking based on academic results

The selection of winners is carried out by Admission Committee of Antalya Academy of Tourism. The competition results will be summarized until July 15, 2017. 

The Committee reserves the right not to give any comments (in writing or orally) on their decision-making.

Participants with the highest number of total points will be announced the winners. Antalya Academy of Tourism scholarship will be awarded to the winners. The scholarship programme includes a 2-year free tuition at the Russian department of Antalya International College of Tourism with getting « Hotel Management» specialization. Accommodation and meals, academic books and student uniform as well as medical insurance are not included in the scholarship programme.

The winner can change the terms and conditions of studying by making the additional payment

If the winner would like to get a second specialization certificate in «Food and Beverage Management», additional payment of 400 euro for each year of studying is required.

If the scholarship holder fails to send the scholarship award confirmation, the Committee reserves the right to pass on the scholarship to another participant from the rating list.

Those participants who showed good results but didn’t take a winning place will be given an opportunity to be enrolled in Antalya Academy of Tourism at reduced cost.

Other discounts offered by Antalya Academy of Tourism can’t be combined with the scholarship programme. The scholarship award cannot be passed on to a third party.

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