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Visit of the Academy of Tourism management to Altayskiy kray

They say if you want to see what the Alps looked like before the invasion of tourists, head to Altayskiy Kray. Perhaps today you will not find a person who would not hear about the special vibes of these places, sometimes associated with mystical stories, shamans and magical healings. This is a region where tourism […]

Meeting with the rector of the Silk Road Tourism University

On March 26, 2019, during a visit to the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Rector of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya, Zafer Bikkenoglu, met with the Rector of the Silk Road International University of Tourism in Samarkand, Turaev Bakhodyr Hatamovich, during which they discussed the prospects for joint cooperation. The Uzbek side has proposed a […]

Practice at Belek Beach Hotel

The Belek Beach Hotel hosted a field trip for 2nd year students of the Academy of Tourism in the discipline Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP System. During the lesson, the hotel’s leading specialists acquainted the students with the stages of the equipment maintenance cycle — checking, cleaning and controlling equipment used in the reception, […]


VIII Reporting and Electing Congress of the Interregional Public Organization “Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs”.

On April 19, 2019, the VIII Reporting and Electing Congress of the MAP MOO of the Interregional Public Organization Moscow Entrepreneurs Association was held in the Moscow Government building. More than 300 entrepreneurs, MAP members from various constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign countries, representatives of federal and regional ministries and […]

“Total Dictation” in Antalya.

EDUANT International Corporation – for five years has been the venue for the Total Dictation campaign in Antalya. On Saturday, April 13, at 14:00, the Total Dictation 2019 was written. It was attended not only by Russian citizens living in the city of Antalya, but also by representatives of other nationalities who speak Russian, students […]

Participation in a round table with the leadership of the Turkestan region.

The rector of the academy met with the top leadership of the region in the person of the regional akim and the heads of the tourism department, the department of education, universities and schools of the region. The meeting discussed issues of the Academy’s participation in the tourism development program, pilgrimage, the creation of a […]