On April 19, 2019, the VIII Reporting and Electing Congress of the MAP MOO of the Interregional Public Organization Moscow Entrepreneurs Association was held in the Moscow Government building.

More than 300 entrepreneurs, MAP members from various constituent entities of the Russian Federation, as well as foreign countries, representatives of federal and regional ministries and departments, state authorities, Moscow city departments, funds to support SME entities, representatives of public organizations, Russian and foreign and business associations, leading banks and financial institutions, experts and investors, media.

The delegation led by the rector of the International Academy of Tourism took an active part in the work of the VIII Congress of the IAP. The rector of the Academy, Zafer Bikkenoglu, made a speech during which he spoke about the history of the Academy, as well as the great demand for the Academy’s international activities in training specialists in the hospitality industry in the emerging markets of tourism services in Russia and the CIS countries.


In addition, relevant topics were raised by Mr. Bikkenoglu, such as the creation of an online platform on the basis of the Academy for the training of qualified personnel in the field of tourism and hospitality, cooperation with the Moscow Association of Entrepreneurs in this direction, as well as other aspects of the Academy’s international activities.