EDUANT International Corporation – for five years has been the venue for the Total Dictation campaign in Antalya.

On Saturday, April 13, at 14:00, the Total Dictation 2019 was written.

It was attended not only by Russian citizens living in the city of Antalya, but also by representatives of other nationalities who speak Russian, students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya and schoolchildren with parents of the International Russian School in Antalya, teachers and educators.

The action was attended by more than 150 people.

Our students welcomed guests in national costumes of their countries, handed lapel badges, previously made with their own hands. Before writing the dictation, they treated everyone with cookies, which they decorated  by themselves with the sweet letter “A” – a symbol of the Total Dictation.

After writing, guests were awarded certificates of participants in the “Total Dictation” campaign. For some, this is the first experience in writing, for others it is already a tradition.

Next year we are waiting for everyone to unite everyone who can or wants to write and speak Russian