On March 9, students of the International Russian School and students of the Academy of Tourism in Antalya took part in the International Festival of Friendship of Nations in Antalya.

The festival started with a parade of flags of different countries who’s representatives are living in the city of Antalya.Participants of the festival marched along the promenade in national costumes, waving flags, saying greetings in their native language.  The honored guest of the festival was the mayor of Antalya, who warmly congratulated all those present on this wonderful holiday.

The guest of honor of the festival was the mayor of Antalya, who congratulated all participants on this wonderful celebratıon.

The students of the International Educational Corporation “Eduant” were supported by parents, teachers and employees of Academy. Students presented their school on the highest level, showing show program consisting of: a Ukrainian song, a Russian dance, and uniting dance with flags from different countries.

The emotions received at the Festival of Friendship of Nations will remain in the hearts of all participants for a long tıme!