The Academy of Tourism works closely with the Croatian University of VERN. VERN’S UNIVERSITY is a leading university of applied sciences in Croatia, graduating in business, economics, tourism and management. Teachers at a Croatian university conduct lectures for undergraduate students at the Academy of Tourism.

In February – March 2019, a teacher at VERN University, Jadranka Musulin, reads the module “Business Administration Software / Business Administration Software”

Course Objectives: To provide insight into the use of IT tools as a means to more quickly and efficiently solve business problems. And also give an idea of ​​the basic concepts and methods of electronic data processing using MS Excel. To allow students to understand and use computer tables to solve basic financial calculations and business results.

In the process of studying this module, students get acquainted with the following areas:

  • Areas of application of computer tables.
  • Key elements of advanced use of MS Excel tools.
  • Areas of business finance and mathematics using IT tools.
  • Spreadsheets for arithmetic and financial calculations.
  • Data and its use.
  • Spreadsheets for analysis and solving numerical problems.